SaRita Custis

SaRita Custis

SaRita Custis is an author, coach, trainer and CEO of Breakthrough Resources International, a company dedicated to implementing strategies for creating an extraordinary quality of life for individuals and organizations throughout the world. Through its enterprises, BRI provides state of the art training and services to sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, and the general public.

SaRita has spent more than 20 years bringing standardized quality control principles, proven project management strategies, and solid technical expertise into government and corporate organizations, eventually advancing into all levels of management. Although she has had a very successful career in the field information technology, SaRita's dream has always been to work for herself and make a real difference in the world.

SaRita began her entrepreneurial journey in 1988 with her first foray into the world of network marketing. Although that opportunity didn't bring her the success she was seeking, it ignited her passion for helping herself by helping others. After numerous stops and starts – brought on by her own self-limiting beliefs – she finally began to see some success when she was exposed to the world of internet marketing in 2004.

Now after many years, thousands of hours learning, and even more thousands of hours teaching, SaRita is bringing her expertise to clients around the world, helping them connect with their customers and drastically increase profits. She is a certified HMA Marketing Consultant and has earned the rare Honors Distinction as an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

Although her approach is simple, practical, and straight-forward, the results her clients have experienced are nothing short of outstanding. SaRita Custis doesn't just teach; she lives what she teaches. Because of her own life experiences, she is able to share what works, what doesn't, and why.

SaRita lives in Montgomery, Alabama.